Reimagine Diet

Easily discover new healthy behaviors and turn them into life changing habits.

Lose Weight

The easiest calorie counter and macro tracker, backed by a community and personalized nutrition plans to help you lose weight for good.

Peak Performance

Within seconds, you can track your protein, carbs, fat, and sugar intake to ensure you hit your dietary intake goals and max out performance.

Quantify Health

New technology allows you to instantly discover and quantify your entire day's nutritional intake so you can optimize your diet.

Replace your food journal!

No more searching, photographing, barcode scanning, or forgotten snacks. Eliminate hours of logging food entries and enjoy your meals again.

Fast. Accurate. Holistic.

Whole day's data in one test.

Discover recent caloric intake. See how much fat, carbs, protein and sugar you’ve been eating over the last day.

Biochemically accurate.

Urine chemistry, an end product of digestion, is a window into your recent dietary intake. By quantifying certain urinary biomarkers we are able to accurately track your nutrition.

Take action instantly.

In just a few seconds, the test is complete and the data is instantly sent to your phone. A simple test in the morning provides instant insights you can use at breakfast.

Simple. Convenient. Personalized.

Personalized nutrition plan.

See your trends over time and compare them against your personalized plan to ensure you’re hitting your nutrition goals.

Stay motivated, together.

Meeting long-term nutrition goals can be tough. Don’t do it alone. Studies show social support can help you improve nutrition outcomes by more than 3x versus going it solo.

Simple and convenient.

Hassle-free testing from the comfort of your own home. No doctors visits, finger pricks, or waiting required.

Counting calories to fight global hunger

One in three global citizens is malnourished. Together, we can help fight global malnutrition. As our community reaches its dietary goals, together we help the world meet its goals by donating the calories you save to leading hunger charities.