Weight Loss Rewards

Weight Loss Rewards: Making Good Habits Stick

Establishing healthy eating behaviors can be difficult after a lifetime of snacking on junk food. Can weight loss rewards help? Yes! If done right...

Oatmeal and Dietary Fiber Intake

Dietary Fiber Intake: What Is It, and How Much Do I Need?

What is fiber? Does fiber have calories? Why is fiber healthy? Learn all about your dietary fiber intake and how to make sure you get enough!

Small Sardinian Gnocchi with Meat Sauce - Macro

How to Make Traditional Sardinian Gnocchi with Meat Sauce

This traditional recipe for small Sardinian gnocchi with meat sauce will take some time, but this healthy and delicious meal is well worth the effort.

How do i stop snacking

How Do I Stop Snacking? Try This Odd Trick

Habits die hard. Sometimes little tricks can shift our behavior just the way we want it. If you're asking yourself, "How do I stop snacking," Try this!

Sardinian Pizza

How to Make Delicious, Traditional Sardinian Pizza

Sardinian pizza is a delicious treat from one of the world's healthiest regions. Try this recipe using eggplant and traditional, homemade tomato sauce!

My Personal Diet: Group Dynamics

My Personal Diet: How Your Identity Shapes Your Food Choices

It turns out, your choices about your personal diet are not entirely up to you! Learn how your identity subconsciously shapes what you choose to eat.

Protein Intake

51 Facts About Your Dietary Protein Intake

51 facts about your protein intake, covering everything from the basics of protein in your diet, tips for athletes, advanced science, and global health!

Do Food Journals Work

Do Food Journals Work? Learn How to Make them Work for You

How do food journals work? 7 Reasons they can fail, along with the reasons they actually can succeed and the tools to help you get there.

Vitamins Shaped Modern Medicine

How Vitamins Helped Shape Modern Medicine

A brief history about the diet and nutrition-related origins of the gold standard research method used in modern medicine.

Respiratory Quotient and ATP

Respiratory Quotient: How to Find and Use Yours

Your respiratory quotient is a useful value for understanding your body's metabolism that can provide insight into meeting your fitness and nutrition goals.

Ikaria Fig and Peach Jam on Toast

How to Make Ikarian Jam

Ikarian jam uses fresh fruits endemic to the local region. One particularly scrumptious version combines fresh figs and peaches. Click here for the recipe!