Parsley - the Healthiest Herb

Healthiest Herb: The Math that Proves Which Herb is Healthiest

If you are curious to know why parsely is the healthiest herb, our nutrient density score will show why this micronutrient-packed (and delicious) herb makes a great addition to your recipes!

Review of Heart Rate Monitors

Wellness Technology Review: Heart Rate Monitors

There are a lot of options for tracking your heart rate. When considering your options vs. accuracy vs. aesthetics, check out our review of heart rate monitors!


The Future of Farming

Technology is changing how food gets from the farm to your table. Will it usher in better nutrition and environmental protection?

Does Calorie Counting Work

Does Calorie Counting Work? Your Complete Guide

When deciding on the best way to start calorie counting, it's best to first ask whether calorie counting even works! Read the complete guide, here.

Diet and Motivation - Brian Research

Diet and Motivation: Why Focusing on Motivation May Fail You

Diet and motivation are often linked in discussions about weight loss. But brain research suggests that may not be the best approach for success.

Micronutrients for Ultra Endurance Athletes

10 Micronutrients for Ultra-Endurance Athletes

This list of 10 micronutrients for ultra-endurance athletes will help you ensure peak performance when pushing your body to the limits.

Sardinian Stuffed Pasta

How to Make Traditional Sardinian Stuffed Pasta

This traditional recipe for potato and mint Sardinian stuffed pasta will take some time, but this healthy and delicious meal is well worth the effort.

Why Diets Fail

Why Diets Fail: The #1 Reason You Can Start Fixing Today

There are many reasons why diets fail. And the #1 reason is both the simplest, and possibly, the most difficult. Learn how to start on the path to success!

Diet and Evolution

Diet and Evolution: How Modern Diets Clash with our Genes

Why do we seem to have so many diet-derived chronic diseases today? Diet and evolution have moved in parallel for millions of years. Until, today.

Sardinian Sweet and Sour Zucchini

How to Make Traditional Sardinian Sweet and Sour Zucchini

This traditional recipe for Sardinian sweet and sour zucchini is a healthy and delicious treat, either served warm in the winter or cold in the summer!

Weight Loss Rewards

Weight Loss Rewards: Making Good Habits Stick

Establishing healthy eating behaviors can be difficult after a lifetime of snacking on junk food. Can weight loss rewards help? Yes! If done right...